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Didgeridoo (0)

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Playing the didgeridoo in Clark Quay.
It's an Australian aboriginal insrument.
Pretty cool!

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Breaktime (0)

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Pedicab drivers in Singapore

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Singapore (0)

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The clean & tidy land of $1 street ice cream, deep fried street food, Asian fusion dishes, bird park, underwater world, night safari, boat quay, Singapore flyer, cleanest Chinatown ever, and family memories. It was just great to be able to visit again.

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Chicken Ala Carte (2)

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A sad but true story about how people irresponsibly add to the problem of world hunger.

Who says we don't have enough? We have more than enough. We just don't know how to share. People have to really start to become more selfless and think of ways to reach out to the less fortunate.

Watching this video brought tears to my eyes. A friend shared it to me and now I hope to get the message to you too.

This short film won the Berlin Short Film Festival.

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Buddha says.. (2)

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